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Be Original: Padmore & Barnes - Sneeze Magazine

Article by Noah Johnson
Introduction by Aaron Bondaroff
From SNEEZE NO.2 summer 2008

"Got to have style and learn to be original." A quote that has been stuck in my brain since I was a kid: KRS one “My Philosophy.” a big part of our lifestyle is to play your part creatively – this takes style. When you have a voice and an audience you can trigger off originality. Ghostface and Wu-Tang brought this particular product to a main stream level, vouched for it and stamped it with their approval. This type of branding is pirating – they were using someone else’s product – but it is also accessible to the masses. This creates the identity of the culture you are preaching. At the same time I call this trend-ending since the secret is out the bag and on the foot. A lot of city dwellers and native New Yorkers will pull back once it reaches a wide audience – it is their nature to be on top and first. This is alright, because once the smoke clears the style and study master will stand by the product and keep evolving classic styles in modern day fashion.

They are in a way the anti-sneaker and are today as they have always been: sensible shoes, casual shoes. Comfortable, understated, and free of extraneous embellishments. No logos, design flourishes, technological advancements, just sheer comfort and style. Designed for walking, not fashion, not sport, not breaking necks. The original Wallabees, hand-made in Ireland by Padmore & Barnes, remain untouchable classics.

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